As Generation Xs advance in age, more of them are considering to either plan for their own retirements or are looking to get assistance from their older parents and family. There is no doubt that the senior care market can only grow moving forward. However, the marketing techniques currently being used by senior living communities leave little to be desired when it comes to quality. You want to change that.

There is a superior way to growing occupancy in the senior living industry. It begins with better lead generation strategies. You should aim to leave the current lead generating programs. This will deliver higher-quality resident inquiries which are four times more likely to be converted than that of your competition.

The traditional model that involved holding onsite events in a bid to direct traffic just does not cut it anymore. The senior communities need all the utilities they can find to increase their stream of short, mid and long-term potential residents.

The Healthcare Industry

The senior living marketplace has a diverse range of care services which a lot of people know relatively little about. Senior living marketing solutions target your audience based on what they need and show them the various types of communities that may best fit their situation. These solutions will work towards delivering qualified leads to you so that you may increase your resident population. The communities include:

  • Independent Living

This is a category for seniors who are interested in comfort, social opportunities, and lifestyle. You can generate exclusive and qualified leads through direct and digital marketing campaigns which filter the leads based on parameters such as monthly budget, geography, needs, amenities, and more.

  • Assisted Living

You can contact and schedule meetings with family members that are the care providers for their grandparents, parents, and other loved ones. Help them see the significance of these facilities.

  • Memory Care

Struggling caretakers of loved ones that have Alzheimer’s and other memory problems usually consider ‘nursing homes’ when looking for assisted care for their family members. Senior living marketing solutions capture these leads and direct the prospects to you.

Lead Generation Strategies

Creating a consistent flow of inbound leads takes knowledge, time, and expertise. Senior living marketing needs to follow these steps to generate this flow:

  1. Creating Quality Content (Content Marketing)

Information that is valuable and relevant to potential residents is where it all begins. The content, which should be downloadable, could come in the form of webinars, e-books, virtual tours, checklists, and white papers.

The ingenious way of getting your site visitors’ address information is getting them to submit a form on your website. Note that the only way to have the site’s visitors to do this voluntarily is by providing them with content that they will find invaluable.

  1. Creative Call to Action(s)

Call to action (CTAs) is the link on your site that directs users to your content offers. If your CTA is not compelling enough to capture visitors’ attention and encourage them to click the button, then your offers might as well be useless. CTAs are not equally made, and thus it is critical that yours is able to grab consumer attention.

Here are some tips for an effective CTA:

  • Be Succinct

Keep the CTAs short. Ideally, the call should be able to fit in the button. This means that it should not exceed five words.

  • Be Specific

The call should explain the value of clicking the button. Instead of saying ‘click here’ for instance, try ‘download my free report.’

  • Be Active

Note that the ‘A’ in CTA stands for action. Emphasize this further by beginning the ‘call’ with a verb.

  • Make it Personalized

The more personal the call feels, the more you engage the user. You, therefore, need to have a deep understanding of your target crowd and thus what information is valuable to them.

Remember that the role of CTAs is to drive users to a specific landing page where they get your offer. Do not use them to send folks to your homepage or the offer page before you have them submit a form on the landing page. The benefits of having great content on your site cannot be overstated, but ultimately, you need to collect your visitors’ contact information so you can make follow-ups later. Remember this part, as its huge for having the best senior living marketing solutions implemented.

  1. Design Landing Pages that Easily Convert

Landing pages are easily the most significant factor of lead generation. Marketers use landing pages to send the site users to dedicated pages and thus capture leads.

Once you get your visitor to the landing page, you need to keep them there. So avoid having numerous links on that page as these may distract the user and reduce the possibility of a conversion. A simple hack would be to exclude the navigation bar from this page.

  1. Design Optimized Forms

These are the bread and butter of landing pages. Without forms, you have no way to convert a user into a lead. They are useful when asking your visitors to subscribe, sign up, or download an offer.

Exercise caution while asking your site users for their information. Only ask for the most basic data so that the form is short and sweet. Long forms that ask for too much information are more than likely to scare your visitor away. The fewer the fields you have in the form; the more likely the conversion.

  1. Use Multiple Channels to Promote Your Offer

After following through with the steps mentioned above, you can now begin to promote your content and collect leads. Consider using the following channels to maximize your lead-generating efforts.

  • Email Marketing

This involves offering content to your subscribers to increase their loyalty and retention while establishing recurrent traffic to your site.

  • Content Marketing

Creating blog content needs to be at the top of your inbound marketing priorities. After all, there is no way you can get and convert leads without valuable content.

  • Search Engine Optimization

You need to optimize your site’s content and structure for it to be ranked organically in the search engine’s result page. Optimized content enables the web crawlers to index your content so it appears free to people searching.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media is the platform in which you engage people and build a loyal client base in the process. Sharing your content on these stages is a means of offering value to your followers and they will more than likely stick around and recommend your business.

  • Paid Advertising (Pay-Per-Click)

This allows you to pay for your content to be at the top of result page while bidding on certain keywords that attract high-quality leads.

Online lead-generation has the ability to transform your marketing. By utilizing clever CTAs, exceptional landing pages, quality forms, and great offers, while being promoted on a number of channels, you will reduce your cost per lead significantly while being able to deliver high-quality prospects to your sales team.

These are not the only strategies utilized by Senior Living Marketing Solutions; this is just the beginning. You should consistently test and tweak each of the above steps to improve lead quality which results in more on-site visits, and ultimately fill up the vacancies in your senior community.

The costs of customer acquisition are rising in the entire industry. However, finding customers who may not even need constant care should not cost that much. Senior living marketing solutions use information-driven marketing strategies to deliver high-quality leads, keep your acquisition costs down, make sure your ROI is high, and keep your business thriving


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