Are you a healthcare business owner struggling to find a good healthcare marketing company? Horror stories about unscrupulous online medical marketing strategy services might have you hesitant to hire anyone. It’s true there are some providers who take advantage of their clients. But there are still reliable and affordable inbound marketing services for healthcare providers. Here are tips to help you find the best and avoid the worst service providers.

  1. Identify Potential Problems

Finding a reputable healthcare marketing company with great search results takes more work than performing a simple Google search. Never assume a company is reliable just because it’s on the first page of a search engine. A better idea is to study the company’s website for potential warning signs.

Does the company make unrealistic guarantees? For instance, are you assured if you hire them your website will get the number one spot on Google? That promise is a red flag. No top marketing agency can guarantee a top spot on any search engine or guarantee a specific number of leads. They can’t even guarantee that you will appear on the first page. A reputable service can work to improve website rank and traffic, but that does not guarantee a specific spot on any search engine.

If the company makes unrealistic claims, then it’s possible they’re using underhanded methods. Black hat techniques are illegal methods for increasing a website’s page rank and traffic. These methods are banned by search engines such as Google. Your website ranking and traffic might improve for a time. But your progress will disappear when search engines penalize your website for breaking the rules.

  1. Ask for Recommendations

Healthcare providers are often a great source of information. If you have a network of trusted local businesses or local business owners, then ask them for recommendations. It’s likely they all have a business website and can help with your search. In addition to recommendations, you might also discover some companies to avoid.

What should you do if no one in your local network can help? Turn to the Internet. Some business owners use forums and social media for networking purposes. In this environment, people are usually willing to share recommendations. Asking about the best SEO companies for small businesses can possibly yield good results.

Research the recommendations you receive. A good word from a trusted business owner carries a lot of weight, but you might discover some of the recommendations are less than reputable.

  1. Read Reviews and Get References

Most SEO companies include testimonials and examples of past work on their website. They will highlight their success stories, but you need to dig deeper. There have been cases where companies were caught using fake testimonials and claiming stolen work as their own.

One way to guard against this is to request names and business numbers of some of their clients. Move on if the company is unable to provide legitimate references that you can verify. If you do contact references, then ask if they’re pleased with the results they received. You can also ask about the level of professionalism, ease of communication, and methods the healthcare marketing company used.

Best SEO Companies for Small BusinessesThe Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit organization that helps consumers by providing information on various businesses. Their database provides information such as reviews and complaints that a company has received. Not all companies are in the database, and the BBB refrains from endorsing or recommending any service, product, or business. Checking their database is recommended because it can possibly produce helpful information.

Websites that allow consumers to rate and review businesses can sometimes be a good resource to find the best SEO companies for small businesses. But beware because these websites can have fake reviews.

  1. Discuss Services and Prices

You still have work to do after finding a reputable advertising agency or marketing company. At this stage, discuss your needs and concerns with the company. You will learn if they are a match for your business.

It’s usually best to work with a company that has some experience in your industry. Perhaps that’s not a deal breaker for you, but carefully consider if you want to enter uncharted waters. If you are confident in the company’s abilities, then the risk is possibly worth it. A good company will take time to understand your goals for your website.

Money isn’t the most important thing, but most healthcare small business owners have a small marketing budget. Affordable inbound marketing services for small business owners should be affordable but not dirt cheap.

Your healthcare practice doesn’t need the same level of service that a Fortune 500 company would pay for. But if the service is so inexpensive that you wonder how it can be so cheap, then that is a potential warning sign. You might want to check average prices offered by other SEO companies. That will give you an idea of what is considered a low, medium, or high-level price within the SEO industry.

There are several other concerns to address during this time. Here are some questions to ask before hiring an inbound marketing agency or healthcare marketing company. The list is not exhaustive but provides a general idea of what type of things to discuss.

  1. What services will you receive your payment?

  2. Are you expected to pay a monthly fee for a specific number of months?

  3. What is the upfront payment, if any?

  4. If you sign a contract, does it automatically renew and charge your credit card?

  5. Can you cancel the contract at any time without a penalty?

Take Time to Find the Best Company for You

Finding the best healthcare marketing companies is not easy. It takes time and effort to do a thorough job. But the hard work will pay off when you see an increase in your website ranking and traffic.


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