Implementing an SEO strategy can be confusing at times. You’ve been trying multiple tactics for your medical practice but aren’t getting anywhere. Did you know you may not have to focus on a full SEO campaign? If you are running a local doctor office, it may be smarter and more efficient to focus on Local SEO for doctors!

SEO Versus Local SEO

You know the power of improving your website’s global SEO for boosting sales and leads. But don’t let the bigger picture get in the way of maintaining another important focus: targeting your SEO locally to the patients and customers closest to your business. What if your clients want to meet you in person? If you’re a “brick and mortar” medical provider with walk-in customers, you’ll need local targeting techniques even more.

Why focus on local SEO tactics?

Think about how you search online. When you type “doctors offices in (city)” or “top doctors practices in (city),” you’re researching something you’re invested in, something really specific that you’re hoping to buy. You want to learn about the healthcare providers to find the best provider near your home or work, and the highest rated medical companies in your area who can offer the best service. You don’t want worldwide results, you want local, geo-targeted ones. Integrating smart local SEO means you’ll gain more high-quality patients near you – and that means you’ll convert more of those leads to sales.

Even better, Google prioritizes local search results, so any work you do to improve google local SEO for your business listing will bump you to the top of results pages. You’ll get more eyes on links to your site, and more of those high-quality clicks you’re seeking.

Another big advantage? You whittle down your competition. When local SEO optimization is done right, a much smaller set of competitors are vying for the same keyword sets and ranking factors than your global competitors.

Here’s the really good news. If you’ve started optimizing your search engine optimization globally, you’ll see that many of the principles are the same. Here are some of the best ways to get started.

Local SEO For Doctors

  1. Optimize your doctor office for local search marketing

This first part might seem obvious, but you’ll want to be sure your entire website lists your contact information clearly and consistently. A web developer can help you implement two technical tidbits that go a long way. Such as a KML file and schema local markup. The KML file displays your geographic information within sites and apps like Google Earth. While schema local markup provides search engines with specific data that can help index your site more accurately, helping more potential customers find you.

  1. Claim your business or start a Google My Business profile

To add your business information to Google search and Google Maps, you’ll need to claim your Google My Business profile or create a new one. First, check to see if your business already exists in local search – even if you didn’t add it yourself, someone else might have.Then, you’ll want to claim it. If it doesn’t yet have a local page, it’s time to create one. Either way, go to Google’s dedicated site to find it or sign in to create your page. And be sure to select the most relevant primary category for your business.

  1. Verify citations across the web

Anytime your business and its contact details get mentioned online, that’s a citation.  Take the time to audit your citations across web pages and social media sites – doing this due diligence will help maximize your local SEO results. You’ll want to make sure they precisely match your newly claimed or launched Google My Business profile. Don’t forget to check popular local pack listing sites like Angie’s List and Yelp, and be sure to claim your profile or page on those sites, too.

  1. Ask local customers to write reviews

Positive reviews have a huge impact on local SEO because Google’s algorithms reward good user experiences. Plus, they lend credibility to your business. Which creates a feeling of trust between you and potential customers who read about you. Think a little more about how you research most products before you buy. By looking at the five-star ratings first, and reading through reviews from other customers. Whenever you can, ask your customers to follow up on their experiences. They can do this by writing reviews via your Google My Business profile or Yelp.

  1. Get active on social media

best seo companies (2)Hopefully, you’ve already launched social media channels, but if not, now’s the time. Claim pages that others might have started. Additionally, launch new ones wherever you expect to see most of your customers engage. For many small businesses, you’ll want to start with Facebook and Twitter, but if you’re a B-to-B business, consider LinkedIn as well. Look up which channels your top local competitors use for social media. Also, use other digital and content marketing channels to get more ideas on the best places to start. You might also think about launching a blog as part of this social media ramp-up – it’s a good opportunity to reach a more local audience with targeted content. Then, share out those blog posts across your new social channels and as part of your website. And, of course, make sure your contact details are consistent on these channels, as well.

For even more guidance and expertise, you can work with an SEO agency that specializes in local and other critical SEO strategies. But, by starting with these tactics, you’ll make major headway toward the top of local search results pages.

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