Running a medical practice can become costly. When you’re running a healthcare facility’s marketing strategy, you need to take into account costs for your patients, and costs for your marketing. Implementing SEO for your medical practice’s website can become daunting when it comes to costs; which is why we made a list of cost effective SEO tools for medical practices!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps attract potential patients to your website. These visitors are people who are specifically looking for your service or product. They already want what you have and you just need to pull them in. When your medical website is optimized, you can count on search engines to deliver visitors to your door. This is why SEO is important for healthcare business owners unable to spend thousands of dollars on advertising.

You might prefer SEO tools for medical practices that charge a fee and have advanced options. But some of the best SEO tools are free products. You might have to pay for advanced features, but the free basic features are enough to get started.

SEO Tools for Medical Practices

One of the most widely used analytic services. It’s a reporting tool that tracks visitors and creates a report that allows you to analyze the information. To get started you need a Google account, a website, and a javascript tracking tag installed on that website. Features include things such as data visualization, email-based sharing and communication, and segmentation for targeted website analysis.

(GTM) is another useful SEO tool. It helps manage the tags that JavaScript uses to send information to third-parties about your website. Adding tags to a website can be time-consuming, especially when updates are necessary. GTM simplifies the process.

Instead of manually updating JavaScript on your website, you can specify within GTM what needs adjusting, where it belongs, and more. GTM makes the appropriate changes and makes sure everything is correct.

(GSC) previously google webmaster tools, is perhaps one of the most useful free healthcare SEO tools of them all. This tool allows you to monitor and maintain your place in Google’s search engine results. You can see how Google views your website, and then optimize the website for optimal performance in the search engine.

One advantage of GSC is it informs you if Google is unable to access your website. You can submit new content and remove old content you no longer want in search results. The tool also allows you to monitor and resolve issues regarding spam and malware. GSC is helpful with marketing analysis and it works well when paired with other Google SEO tools.

If free SEO tools fail to meet your needs, then you can consider a paid option. Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a desktop program that works on Mac, PC, or Linux. It examines website links, images, scripts, CSS, and apps to evaluate the effectiveness of your onsite SEO. The information is continuously gathered, updated, and made available for you to view and analyze. This information is valuable, as allows you to make informed decisions about your website optimization.

The free version of the software has many features. One highly important feature is the ability to find broken links, errors, and redirects which are terrible for website SEO. You also get the ability to analyze page titles and Metadata, generate XML sitemaps, and locate duplicate pages.

One limitation of the free version is the 500 crawl limit. This means you are limited to crawling 500 URLs at a time. There is also no free technical support. The paid version removes the 500 URL crawl limit and allows unlimited crawling. There is also free technical support for when you need assistance.

Other benefits of the paid version include access to all configuration options, you can save and re-upload crawls, and you can easily search the source code and collect data from the HTML of a link.

The paid version of Screaming Frog SEO Spider is currently less than $200 per year. If you feel the yearly subscription fee fits into your business budget, then you might want to consider it. You can try the free version and upgrade if you feel it is beneficial.

Rank Ranger is an all-in-one SEO tool. It helps with local search and mobile SEO, link tracking, link building, landing pages, on-page optimization, keyword research volume, competition analysis, creating content, social media, and much more. There is also a social analytics feature which tracks your success dealing with websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

There is no free version of Rank Ranger, but there is a free 30-day trial. You need a credit card or PayPal account to sign-up for the free trial. Once the free trial ends, you have to choose the Basic, Standard, or Premium version of the program. If you’re not entirely satisfied with any of the plans, then you can build a custom package that includes features you choose. This option requires payment as well.


Money is usually a concern for medical practice owners. Because of this, you might want to look first at free SEO tool options. The free and low-cost offerings by Google should fit into most budgets. But if you can afford to spend more on your medical SEO strategy tools, then paid options are worth considering.

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  1. Screaming Frog SEO Spider is good seo tools. You know any tool that can make back links in automated way? I need a tool that can make links automatically for many websites. Actually i using seo vps for running seo tools.

    1. Hi Skye,

      As far as we are aware of, there aren’t any tools made that can automatically create backlinks. Even if there were we would suggest against this tactic. Google advises for websites to acquire links naturally, and not through any means of automation.

      Thanks for the comment!

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