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Does your digital marketing visibility show the level of care you give patients or customers offline? If your healthcare internet marketing efforts have been lacking, then consider how our inbound and online marketing services can help you achieve more online referrals, better healthcare loyalty, more revenue, while nurturing processes that capture data to your patients/customers, customer relationship management, content creation and online advertising.

Semirg Digital can bring your healthcare patients and customers to your business online. With our healthcare marketing services, we can help grow your business, both online and offline!

How We Help Healthcare Companies & Businesses Grow

Your website should be more than a fancy online brochure that you update occasionally. We help you meet high patient demands and compete in your respective market by showing you how to establish and maintain a strong cross-channel inbound marketing presence.

We Assist our Healthcare Clients in Achieving the Following Goals

Increase Leads, Acquisition & Retention

Turn your website into a magnet for new leads and patients. Capture demographic information to guide insightful marketing decision-making. Use inbound marketing tactics to increase your leads, patients, and customers.

Increase Search Engine Rankings

Increase your healthcare leads, customer base or patients by identifying what organic or paid search terms people use to locate healthcare businesses like yours. Improve the usability of your website to create a better user experience for new visitors so they return. Gain increased visibility to gain favor in major search engines.

Boost Service-Line Revenue & Cut Costs

Use web content and CRM software to help you move from a revenue model based on healthcare business or patient outcomes and value, rather than volume. Facilitate more large volume transactions and use your online presence to attract more joint venture partnerships with others in the medical field.

Improve Social Media Presence and Reach

Take advantage of features to make your social media outlets efficient. Create content calendars and automate your posting schedule. Learn how to track data and follow real-time conversations to manage leads and customer or patient relationships.

Acquisition of New Technology

With advanced CRM software, you can manage leads, customers and patient relationships by keeping all data, consistency and transaction histories in one place. You can delegate access to employees or members of your choice to help improve your customer and patient relationship.

Increase Patient Engagement

Obtain leads, customers and  patient information on social media, writing advantageous reviews, referring family; help them come back to you as their source for healthcare information and services. Leverage brand storytelling to set your businesses apart from the competition.

Create Efficient Patient or Customer Communication

Open an organized communication line to your customers, or patients to meet their expectations. Respond promptly via social media, develop more efficient web forms, set up personalized email campaigns to nurture leads, and use technology to manage customer and patient relationships over time.

Grow Brand Awareness

Get your name listed in all local directories and on first page search rankings. Increase your social media presence and learn about using the most talked-about tools. Implement best practices for press release distribution, email marketing and native advertising to extend your reach.

Promote Thought Leadership

Find out content sources to help stay relevant to your audience. Publish press releases, create webinars for lead nurturing and create magnets that can increase lead generation. Improve your online visibility and reputation to attract media mentions and partners.

Improve Customer or Patient Experience

Display informative and engaging content that will help your customers patients find the information they need. Optimize user experience on landing pages with simple call-to-actions. Create a user-friendly experience on mobile so your customers and patients can access your content better.

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