Who They Are

Composition ID Houston is apart of the Composition ID brand. A quickly expanding small business in the heart of Washington D.C. Ran by founder Tiffany Harlan. Composition ID in Houston also composes itself with a group of fitness and nutrition fiends in the heart of Houston, TX. Houston has a great fitness scene that continuously innovates in Health & Wellness. Giving Composition ID Houston the prime set up to succeed.

Although apart from the Composition ID brand, Composition ID Houston leveraged a separate website with little to no search visibility. Malissa and her team were in search of a digital marketing strategy that could help increase website traffic, leads, content creation, organic visibility, and email campaign strategies. As a franchised location, Malissa was referred to Semirg for the best local digital marketing strategy to help reach her goals.

Terrific Results...

Semirg Digital helped create a new location page the brand Composition ID domain. Composition ID in Houston’s website was migrated to the overall brand to help increase organic visibility in Houston.

Once the Composition ID in Houston microsite was created, Semirg then employed advanced search engine marketing tactics, content marketing, and exit remarketing tactics to not only increase traffic but to convert qualified traffic into leads. Additionally, the Houston location implemented paid search strategies on Google and Facebook to help increase lead generation. With the increase in Houston related keyphrases, Semirg was able to decrease paid spend thus increasing ROI.

  • Organic Traffic Up 1307%
  • Organic Leads 34%
  • Organic Calls 79%
  • Semirg Digital has helped my business understand the importance of utilizing a complete inbound marketing strategy. One that utilizes more than one channel to help drive leads. We look forward to working with Semirg more in the future!

    Malissa Dunnings

    Owner of Composition ID in Houston