Helping Small, Medium, to Large Enterprise Level Businesses Improve traffic, Leads, and Sales.

At Semirg, our digital marketing services utilize many pieces to a puzzle. In order to provide a complete digital marketing strategy, our digital marketing consultants plan and create a customized plan for your business. We examine your sales funnel, buyer personas; and talk with everyone in your business who is apart of the sales process in order to better understand your business. This includes your sales teams, marketing teams, key decision makers, and more.  Our digital marketing services can be used to create a custom plan that will help improve website traffic, generate leads, influence lead nurturing with a solid email marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimization

Google searches accounts for 3.5 billion searches, and Google’s own consensus reports suggests many of these searches are for products or services you offer. In the past year, 72% of U.S. Internet users have been utilized via search engines.

The routine consumer journey for your users exists, but according to the Google study titled The Digital Journey to Wellness, 77% of users use online search prior to purchasing or submitting contact information.

Content Marketing

Your consumers are tired of noisy content and advertising, and are getting better at blocking these methods out. People have taken control of the information they receive, and companies are adjusting to this shift by creating valuable, relevant content to educate prospects instead.

Great content transforms your website from a static brochure into a living, breathing hub for your potential customers to learn, engage, and interact with your business online before they’re ready to buy.

Paid Media Advertising

Paid media advertising gives you the opportunity to pay for top positions on search engines and appear on relevant partner websites.

Pay-per-click marketing delivers instant traffic and offers many ways to complement existing search engine optimization strategies by testing keywords, business models, and marketplace verticals, and it allows you to develop your overall internet marketing strategy, and any SEO plans armed with facts, not assumptions.

WordPress Development

Semirg Digital provides top-notch custom WordPress development services. With over 8 years of web development experience and a highly-skilled team of WordPress programmers, we know how to create a well performing site or transform your generic WordPress blog into a fully-customized CMS-driven website.

Our WordPress developers have released over 50 WordPress CMS-driven digital marketing solutions ranging from simple blogs to complex database-driven web applications.