We Help Healthcare Companies and Businesses Find the Best Inbound Marketing Strategies and Solutions to Improve Patient Acquisition and Online Presence.

Inbound marketing utilizes many pieces to a puzzle. In order to provide a complete inbound marketing strategy, our inbound marketing consultants plan create a customized plan for your business. We examine your sales funnel, buyer personas; and talk with everyone in your business who is apart of the sales process in order to better understand your business. This includes your sales teams, marketing teams, key decision makers, and more.  Our inbound consultants create a custom plan that will help improve website traffic, generate leads, influence lead nurturing with a solid email marketing campaign.

Healthcare SEO

Google searches accounts for 3.5 billion searches, and Google’s own consensus reports suggests many of these searches are for healthcare products or services you offer. In the past year, 72% of U.S. Internet users have been utilized via search engines. Specifically for health-related information.

The routine consumer journey for a patient or healthcare lead still exists, but according to the Google study titled The Digital Journey to Wellness, 77% of patients or healthcare customers use online search prior to booking an appointment or submitting contact information.

Healthcare Content Marketing

Patients are tired of noisy content and advertising, and are getting better at blocking these methods out. People have taken control of the information they receive, and healthcare companies are adjusting to this shift by creating valuable, relevant content to educate prospects instead.

Great content transforms your healthcare website from a static brochure into a living, breathing hub for your potential customers to learn, engage, and interact with your business online before they’re ready to buy.

Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Why should you care about social media for your business? The answer is similar to why you should care about search engines–because it provides a great way to reach and engage potential customers.

  • 41% of people said social media would affect their choice of doctor, hospital, or medical facility.
  • More than 40% of consumers say that information found via healthcare social media affects the way they deal with their health.
  • 51% of patients say they’d feel more valued as a patient when doctors use social media or blogs

Social media is where today’s consumers gather to discover new information, share content, and evaluate buying decisions. Healthcare businesses are utilizing social media to attract qualified leads, provide real-time customer service, and share content to increase their brand value.

Healthcare Data & Analytics

Intelligent marketing decisions aren’t based on feelings — they’re based on data. Where does that data come from? Why, marketing analytics, of course!

Analytics takes the guesswork out of marketing. Rather than making blind decisions about whether to continue with a particular marketing tactic or focus on one channel more than another, data gives us the insight we need to make decisions.

Our inbound marketing consultants analyze all data in a closed-loop system in order to make better decisions for your organization and report a positive return on your investment.